11 - 20 Minutes Collection

11 - 20 Minutes Collection

Breathe, move and rest with our 11 - 20 minutes practice selection.

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11 - 20 Minutes Collection
  • 13 Min Hamstrings Slow Flow with Nicole

    Join Nicole for a deep, slow Hamstring flow - find length and release tight muscles. You'll start in a downward-facing dog pose, engaging in belly breaths and slowly flowing through postures and movements to focus on your hamstrings.

  • 13 Min Afternoon Pick-me-up Flow with Nicole

    Join Nicole for a dynamic flow to lift your afternoon mood and energy levels. You'll flow through the Sun Salutation and Warrior poses and then move into a hip-opening pose—the perfect way to spice up your afternoon.

  • SAMPLE - 14 Min Immersive Sound Bath with Cherelle

    Join Cherelle for a dreamy, immersive sound bath to relax the body and mind. Cherelle plays Himalayan singing bowls, inviting you to bathe in the nourishing vibrations and allow feelings of ease and renewal to wash over you.

  • 12 Min Hip-Opening Slow Flow with Nicole

    Join Nicole for a slow, deep hip-opening flow to release tension and find space. You'll start standing in this slow flow and move into poses with a focus on lengthening your breath to allow you to pause, engage, release, and find space.

  • 12 Min Core Flow with Nicole

    Join Nicole for a fiery core flow to build strength and support your posture. This yoga core flow is a dynamic sequence of yoga poses specifically designed to target and engage the muscles of the core, including the abdominals, obliques, and lower back. It is intended to build strength, stability...

  • 15 Min Hips & Hamstrings Gentle Flow with Zakiya

    Join Zakiya to release your hips and hamstrings in this gentle flow. Encourage length and let go of tension. You'll start seated, move to all fours and then flow into a hips & hamstrings-focused flow. This practice is sealed in a supine hip-opening posture with the calming sounds of wind chimes.

  • 13 Min Heart Space Flow with Coco

    Join Coco for an energising heart space opening flow to feel a loving connection to yourself. Bringing your attention from your head to your heart can create a calm and peaceful shift in your energies. This practice is great for boosting your self-esteem, confidence, and sense of self.

  • 14 Min Slow-to-Dynamic Vinyasa Flow with Nicole - Hip-opening

    Join Nicole for a slow-to-dynamic flow exploring deep hip opening poses and balances. You'll start slow and deep in this flow, focusing on postures and movement to open your hips. You'll move to stand and explore balances, and some grounding poses too.

  • 19 Min Yoga Therapy for Anxiety Soothing Flow with Zakiya

    Join Zakiya for this soothing flow to calm anxiety. You'll focus on slow exhales and forward folds. Grab some cushions and get into a comfortable seated position to start. You'll practice some calming breathing, and gentle movement and end with a supported child's pose.

  • 13 Min Sun Salutation Vinyasa Flow with Nicole

    Join Nicole for a grounding Sun Salutation Vinyasa Flow to awaken your mind and body. You'll start on all fours, gently opening your body in cat and cow, then flow into Sun Salutation A and B, including a deep hip opening lunge.

  • 11 Min Guided Ujjayi Pranayama with Zakiya

    Join Zakiya for a guided Ujjayi Pranayama to invite calm waves and soothe your nervous system. You can do this practice seated or lying down. You'll be invited to tune into your Ujjayi breath with a visualisation of a beach and the tide. If you've never practised Ujjayi Pranayama before, we recom...

  • 12 Min Bedtime Guided Relaxation with Zakiya

    Join Zakiya for a guided bedtime relaxation to release the day, find calm and support better sleep. In this practice, you'll be guided into a restful state with a grounding focus to help you to release tension from your body and feel supported. The practice ends with wind chimes to soothe your ne...

  • 11 Min Sleep Sequence with Nicole

    Join Nicole to release tension and ease yourself into a restful sleep. You'll start in child's pose in this practice, so grab a block/cushion/pillow. You'll then move to a hip-releasing pose, followed by a twist and resting pose. All are designed to support your mind and body to find calm for a r...

  • SAMPLE - 15 Min Grounding Flow with Zakiya

    Join Zakiya for a grounding flow to create a sense of stability, centeredness, and connection with the earth.

    You’ll start seated with calming breathing to help regulate your nervous system. You’ll then move to flows focused on mindful movements connecting you to Earth.
    Grounding can help to red...

  • 15 Min Lift a Low Mood Slow Flow with Nicole

    Join Nicole for a soothing slow flow to support lifting a low mood. You'll start lying in this practice using the support of bolsters/pillows and blocks. This is a perfect practice if you feel overwhelmed, heavy and low.

  • 16 Min Yin for Hips with Nicole

    Join Nicole for a hip-opening yin flow that stretches and releases hip tension through long-held, passive postures.

    In this low-to-the-ground yin practice, you’ll hold poses for two minutes at a time, allowing the muscles to relax and the body to release deeper into the stretch. The hips are a ...

  • 11 Min Hatha Flow with Nicole

    Join Nicole for grounding Hatha flow exploring Warrior poses & Half Moon Pose. You'll start in downward facing dog in this flow and mindfully move through a series of poses taking five slow deep breaths in each one.

  • 11 Min Mountain Meditation with Karen

    Join Karen for a guided Mountain meditation to welcome a feeling of groundedness & empowerment. Settle in a space with a blanket and cushions. You may wish to practice lying or seated, whichever feels most comfortable and supportive for you. This practice can help you be mindful of daily activiti...

  • 15 Min Dynamic Balancing Flow with Coco

    Join Coco for a balancing Vinyasa flow - it's dynamic and has space for pauses and breaths. You'll do a gentle warm-up and then explore some balancing poses, including Warrior 3 and Half Moon Pose.

  • 13 Min Get Ready for Bed Slow Flow with Nicole

    Join Nicole for this soothing slow bedtime yoga routine to release tension and ease you into sleep. Pre-bed gentle movement can help your mind and body to find calm and fall into a deep sleep and sleep longer. You can even do this low-to-the-ground routine in bed.

  • 13 Min Energising Morning Flow with Nicole

    Join Nicole for an energising fun Vinyasa flow to shake off the night's sleep and welcome in joy! Want something fun to lift your morning mood and prepare you for the day? Try this fun flow with Nicole. You'll start standing, exploring some free movement, flowing through some Sun Salutations, and...

  • 15 Min Bedtime Yoga Nidra with Karen

    Join Karen for a dreamy guided bedtime meditation to ease you into a deep sleep. Get comfy in bed and use this guided meditation to allow your mind and body to relax and let go. This Yoga Nidra has been adapted by from a script written by Melanie Cooper.

  • 12 Min Seated Gentle Flow with Zakiya to Soothing Music - Shoulder Releasing

    Join Zakiya for this seated shoulder-releasing flow to calming music. Release tension, create space and connect to your breath.

  • 11 Min Slow Flow with Nicole - Core-Focused to Music

    Join Nicole for a powerful core flow to build core strength and body awareness. Build warmth in the body and sink into some deep core strength poses.