Yoga for Menopause

Yoga for Menopause

This collection of practices is here to support and soothe symptoms of menopause. Yoga is just one of the tools proven to help navigate the stages of menopause when it comes to calming the nervous system and helping with some symptoms. For instance, restorative yoga is known to be particularly effective in easing chronic stress, and fatigue and helping to improve sleep quality, among other benefits. This collection also includes a yoga for fibroids practices to support symptoms you may experience with fibroids.

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Yoga for Menopause
  • 19 Min Yoga for Menopause with Paula - Anxiety Soothing

    Join Paula for a supportive yoga for menopause practice to soothe anxiety and overwhelm. When we journey into our peri-menopausal years, we can become more Vatta (We have three dosas: vatta, pitta, kappa). Ways excess Vatta can show up is anxiety, overwhelm and brain fog. This practice focuses on...

  • 26 Min Yin Yoga for Menopause with Paula - Reduce Stress

    Join Paula for a calming Yin Yoga class to support stress reduction and relaxation. In Yin Yoga, you normally hold poses for 3-5 minutes. Yin is helpful for menopause symptoms as we are prone to stress during menopause. Like restorative yoga, it is helpful for activating a relaxation response in ...

  • 25 Min Gentle Yoga Flow for Menopause with Paula

    Join Paula for a practice focused on supporting menopause symptoms, including low mood and lethargy. This is a gentle flow to restore class. You'll start with a calming breath, followed by mindful movement and then a restful pose to invite calm.

  • 17 Min Restorative Yoga for Fibroids with Paula

    Join Paula for a supportive practice to calm symptoms you may experience due to fibroids. This is a restful class so, please gather pillows, bolsters, blocks and anything else that helps you find ease.

  • 17 Min Restorative Yoga for Menopause with Paula

    Join Paula for a soothing practice to reduce the stress associated with menopause. You'll need some bolsters/pillows/cushions and a stable chair or something to raise your legs on. Get some warm clothes and a blanket, and make time for yourself.

  • 15 Min Yoga for Menopause with Paula - Cooling and Calming

    Join Paula for a cooling practice to support excess heat and anxiety with a Pitta dosha focus. In this practice, Paula introduces the dosha, Pitta, to support the reduction of excess heat and rage. You’ll need some cushions/bolsters/blocks (or something similar) and any other props you normally u...