Slow Flows - no Music

Slow Flows - no Music

This is a collection of slow flows with no music. Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga allows you to go deeper with longer pauses between movements and poses. Slow flow brings the element of time into your practice.

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Slow Flows - no Music
  • 16 Min Slow Flow with Coco

    Join Coco for a nourishing slow-flow heart-space opener. You will begin with some gentle movement to awaken your body and then explore deep hip-openers and backbends that open your heart space to energise and inspire you.

  • 11 Min Slow Flow with Nicole - Hip-Opening

    Join Nicole for a deeply releasing hip-opening flow. Get ready to slow down and connect to your breath.

  • 25 Min Slow Flow with Nicole - Hip-Opening

    Join Nicole for a deep, slow practice on opening and releasing your hips.

  • 26 Min Slow Flow with Nicole - Backbends

    Join Nicole for a slower, deeper backbends flow to open your heart space. You'll be low to the ground and explore Bridge pose, camel pose and lots of other supportive backbends.

  • 21 Min Slow Flow with Nicole - Jivamukti Inspired

    Join Nicole for a Jivamukti-inspired energising flowing Vinyasa for a full-body opening flow. You'll start standing and move into a flowing sequence holding each posture for up to five deep breaths.

  • 11 Min Slow Flow with Nicole - Core-Focused

    Join Nicole for a powerful core flow to build core strength and body awareness. Build warmth in the body and sink into some deep core strength poses.

  • 12 Min Slow Flow with Coco - Ground and Balance

    Join Coco for a steady, grounding practice as you work through Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) towards Virabhadrasana 3 (Warrior 3). This short and effective flow will help you explore ways to find your balance in standing postures.

    You may wish to use blocks, a chair or a wall to support you ...

  • 22 Min Slow Flow with Coco - Heart Space Opening

    Join Coco for this low-to-the-ground heart-opening practice. You will begin with a grounding, seated meditation before moving to all fours. Find a sense of opening in the heart-space through a modified wild thing, cobra and puppy pose. This practice is especially good for wakening you up at the ...

  • 12 Min Slow Flow with Nicole - Hips & Binds

    Join Nicole for a slow and deep class focused on opening your hips and exploring binds. Get ready to move your body and explore different binding shapes!