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Watch this video and more on MINDWALK YOGA

5 Min Confidence Booster with Zakiya

10 Minutes and Under Collection • 5m 3s

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  • 5 Min Soother with Zakiya

    Join Zakiya to soothe your mind and body in this calming mini-practice. You'll do a soothing breathing practice and self-nurturing gentle movement. This is perfect for anxious moments.

  • 6 Min Humming Bee Breathing with Zakiya

    Join Zakiya for a seated practice exploring humming bee breathing. The vibrations from the humming sound have a natural calming effect and give immediate relief from tension, worry, anger, stress and anxiety. It's helpful for those with hypertension as it calms down the agitated mind. It also hel...

  • 5 Min Pelvic Floor Breathing Practice...

    Join Zakiya for a pelvic floor breathwork practice to support your pelvic floor health. With each breath you take, your diaphragm (the muscle at the bottom of your ribcage) moves. When your diaphragm moves, your pelvic floor moves. (Your pelvic floor is a group of muscles that sits at the bottom ...