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Watch this video and more on MINDWALK YOGA

Watch this video and more on MINDWALK YOGA

9 Min Intro to Savasana with Paula

10 Minutes and Under Collection • 9m 48s

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  • 5 Min Calming Breathing with Paula

    Join Paula for this breathing practice, where you'll extend your exhale to ease your mind and body into a relaxed state gently. You can do this practice seated or lying down. The 1:2 breath ratio is designed to slow us down. It moves us from the sympathetic (stress) nervous system into the parasy...

  • 5 Min Gentle Flow with Zakiya - Morni...

    Join Zakiya for a gentle morning flow to invite energy and warmth. Lift and lengthen your body with a hands-free Surya Namaskar (sun salutation).

  • 10 Min Root Chakra Meditation by Zakiya

    Join Zakiya for a guided meditation to explore your root chakra. Get comfy seated or lying down and enjoy a grounded meditation to encourage you to feel grounded and connected to yourself. This meditation can be especially good for a busy mind.