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Watch this video and more on MINDWALK YOGA

23 Min Rise & Shine Morning Flow with Paula

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  • 12 Min Coherent Breathing with Zakiya

    Join Zakiya for a guided Coherent Breathing practice, one of the most effective ways to soothe feelings of anxiety and stress. You can do this practice seated or lying down. Get comfy and make use of props such as cushions or blocks to support your body.

  • 13 Min Sun Salutation Vinyasa Flow wi...

    Join Nicole for a grounding Sun Salutation Vinyasa Flow to awaken your mind and body. You'll start on all fours, gently opening your body in cat and cow, then flow into Sun Salutation A and B, including a deep hip opening lunge.

  • 1 hr 35 Min Healing Sound Bath with C...

    Join Cherelle for this generously lengthy practice as she plays Himalayan singing bowls and a Sun Gong to bring you into a deeply relaxed state. Bathe in the nourishing vibrations of the instruments and allow feelings of ease and renewal to wash over you.

    Put on some good headphones or speakers ...